Addictions – whether to alcohol, drugs, gambling, work, sex (the list can be endless) – are a way of trying to escape overwhelmingly difficult feelings. The bottle or the pills or the scratch cards (or whatever) initially appear to offer momentary escape. However, they don’t address underlying problems and end up causing life to spiral out of control.

Beating an addiction isn’t simple. It can require support from several sources – not only psychotherapy but perhaps also a psychiatrist and specialist resources such as a 12-step programme.

Keeping an addiction at bay means finding other ways of dealing with powerful emotions and tricky situations. Psychotherapy helps to identify the triggers and then provides the containment that allows people to find healthier ways of dealing with what life throws at them. This isn’t particularly straightforward, when it’s so hard to get rid of the illusion that – say – a few bottles can make everything feel alright again.

Lynn’s experience enables her not only to start to address the dependence itself but also to rebuild a life that has been fractured both by the addiction and by the circumstances or trauma that caused it.


Help with addictions – alcohol, drugs, gambling, work or sex related